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What is VPN?

PrivaNet is a VPN service provider. VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are a major defense in Cybersecurity. We provide secure encrypted internet connections. Our service prevents cyber attacks or third parties intruders from stealing data or monitoring internet activities.


VPN is now the new normal in cyber protection. Global hacking or breach of security compromising thousands of people’s personal information is now an every day occurrence. Right now, there may be hackers peering into your browser history, waiting to steal your information. Login to your bank, now they can too. PrivaNet can help guard your connection and keep the hackers out!


Our VPN service can work with any Internet Service provider to guard your information. It's easy to setup and protects all of your devices. Get started by ordering your PrivaNet VPN Router!


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vpn lakeland


PrivaNet VPN Router

  • Easy Installation
  • Unlimited Device Protecting
  • Award Winning Help Desk Support
  • Wireless or Ethernet Connections

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Customer Reviews

"I trust the experts at PrivaNet! As a small business owner, it's important to have my connections secure. 

The staff is always knowledgeable and helpful with any question and responds quickly whenever any issues come up. Thanks!"

Barbara J.

vpn lakeland

privanet vpn

I am on the web a lot at home! From online classes to gaming and of course my mobile devices...Let's just say I feel better knowing my connections are secure & private with PrivaNet."

Tony P.

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